Dawah and Tea



Dawah is an art in itself. It is important that the focus remains on the message that is being conveyed and that this message doesn’t get lost in the course of the conversation. Many times we find the conversation switching to several topics without focus on the core message. This article is an attempt to show a Daee (caller to Islam) on how to take a conversation forward without losing focus on the core message.


    1. It is very common that we hear people ask questions on several aspects of Islam like: hijab, beard, divorce, polygamy etc. Most of the times, we provide an answer to the question asked and try to make them understand that hijab or beard is good. Once this is done, the conversation comes to an end. Let us analyze if this is correct. 

      A disbeliever will not go to Heaven even if he believes that hijab, beard etc are really good, as these aspects of Islam are not linked to Salvation. So, in the above example, we have missed conveying the most important parts of Islam that are linked to his salvation.

  1. Many times we answer a question asked by a Non-Muslim on a topic like hijab, only to find that he comes with another question on a different topic like polygamy. You answer that, he moves on to divorce. The Non-Muslim keeps on coming up with questions (may be genuine ones) and we keep answering them one by one. Let us analyze if this is correct.

Answering the questions is very important, however, we must ensure that the focus of the conversation remains on the core message of Islam. This is a great wisdom we can learn from the Quran in Chapter 12: Verses 36 and 37.

And there entered the prison with him two young men. One of them said, "Indeed, I have seen myself [in a dream] pressing wine." The other said, "Indeed, I have seen myself carrying upon my head [some] bread, from which the birds were eating. Inform us of its interpretation; indeed, we see you to be of those who do good.
He said, "You will not receive food that is provided to you except that I will inform you of its interpretation before it comes to you. That is from what my Lord has taught me. Indeed, I have left the religion of a people who do not believe in Allah, and they, in the Hereafter, are disbelievers.

The above verses show the methodology used by Prophet Yusuf (Peace be on him) in answering the questions. Before Prophet Yusuf (Peace be on him) answered the questions, he highlighted the core aspects necessary for the questioner’s salvation and then proceeded to answer the questions asked.

Core Messages to be conveyed during Dawah:

There are three core messages to be conveyed during Dawah. They are:

  1. Tawheed (Concept of the Unique Oneness of God)
  2. Akhirah (Concept of Hereafter)
  3. Risaalah (Concept of Prophethood)

Dawah and Making Tea:

Dawah can be likened to making tea. To make tea, we need some core ingredients without which we cannot make tea. They are: Water and Tea Powder/Tea Leaves. However, we can add lot of additional ingredients like sugar, mint, ginger etc to add flavor to the tea.

Dawah and Making a cup of tea

Similarly, without conveying the core messages of Islam, Dawah would be incomplete. We can speak about other aspects in Islam like justice system, women’s rights, human rights, science, marriage etc but we must ensure that we convey the core messages clearly in an unambiguous manner as the core messages are related to Salvation of the person.

Doing dawah