Master Amir ((Ex Shiv sena Leader BALBIR SINGH) - interview

[I request every Muslim to remember aim of his life and devote himself to preaching of Islam and not swayed away by revenge sentiments against anti Muslim elements. If Shiv Senik, Bajrang Dal, and other Hindus led by Bal Thakerey, Vinay Khatiar, Uma Bharti, Ashoke Singhal knew the true nature of ISLAM and Muslims then Babri Masjid would be never razed to ground. I am sure if they are convinced that Islam is their real religion they would welcome the rebuilding of Babri Masjid].
Q:      Master Mohd Amir Assalaam-mu-Allikum A:      Wale-kum-Assalaam. 

Q:      Master Saheb my father is pressing me hard for taking your interview for Armughan. It is good that you yourself came to see me today. A:      Ahmad Bhai, I was keen to have my story of acceptance of Islam published in Armughan, as the series of interview of newly converts is very useful to encourage and help the mission of Daw'ah. This is a glaring instance of blessings of Allah. He has rewarded a culprit like me who actively participated in pulling down the sacred house of God. This is an eye opener for misguided pagans. 
Q:      Please introduce yourself and your family. A:      I belong to a Village in Panipat district of Haryana. I was born in a Rajput family on 6th Dec 1970. My father was a prosperous farmer and also head master of a local primary school. He was a very good man believing in values of humanity and was dead opposed to any kind of injustice and tyranny. He had seen the horrible riots of 1947 and regarded the mass scale slaughter of Muslims as a grave national stigma. He helped a lot in rehabilitation of Muslims and paid special attention toward education of Muslim children in his school. 
My personal experience is that the destruction of Babri Masjid could never have occurred if members of Shiv Sena, Bajrang Dal and Hindu masses knew something about Islam, Quran, mosques and Muslims. I am convinced that if Bal Thakre, Vinay Katihar Uma Bharati, Ashok Singhal and like-minded persons possessed some basic information about these things then they could have never committed this shameful act. 99% of Hindus are now like my father and they believe in humanity and respect Islam
I was named Balbir Singh. After passing high school, I got admission in intermediate college at Panipat. Probably after Mumbai, Panipat was strongest fort of Shiv Sainik. There I met many fanatic youths who poisoned my mind against Muslims by giving wrong and distorted descriptions of historical events. When my father came to know about my association with Shiv Sainiks, he tried to pacify me and told me authentic stories of justice and good treatment meted to non Muslim by Babur, Aurangzeb, and other Muslim rulers. He explained to me at length the distortions made in Indian history by Englishmen to flare up bitter relations between Hindus and Muslims of India. But unfortunately all his efforts to keep me away from Shiv Sainik influence failed. I did not hear his advice of sanity.