Muhammad's Birth

Mohammad (S) the Master of Prophet was born in the( Bani Hashim) section of  Makka on Monday  Morning  the ninth of Rabi’Ul-Awwal .the same year of the elephant incident .and forty years into the reign of kisra .the twentieth or twenty second of April.571 C.E,

Ibne Sad reported he Mohammad Mother’s said; When he was born ,there was a light issued of my pudendum and lit place of the Sirya ,

His mother immediately sent someone to  inform his grandfather ,Abdul Mutalib of the happy event ,Happily he came to her ,carried  him to Al-Ka;Bah preyed  to Allah and thanked him ,Abdul-Mutalib called the baby Mohammad ,a name not then common among the Arabs. He circumcised him on seventh day as was the custom of the Arabs