Can God become Man?


Many in the world believe that God came down to earth as a man. People who believe this also maintain that God does not lose His divinity when He becomes a man; and they claim He retains both the capabilities of God and man.


God’s nature:

We would all agree that:

  1. God is Eternal, with no beginning and end.
  2. God created this vast universe.
  3. God created time and space and He is not confined or controlled by them.
  4. God´s creations have limitations; God has no limitations at all.

Opposite Natures:

The nature of God and man are opposite to each other as God is the Creator and man is His creation. If God becomes a man, then He cannot be God at the same time because the nature of God and the nature of man differ greatly and causes a conflict.

For example:

  • God has no beginning. Man has a beginning.
  • God will not die, Man will die.
  • God has no need to eat and drink. Man needs to eat and drink.
  • God does not get tired nor does He need to sleep. Man gets tired and needs sleep and rest.
  • God does not forget or make mistakes. Man forgets and makes mistakes.
  • God created Time and Space, so He is not bound by them but man is bound by both time and space. This is a HUGE problem to be solved when we say God became man.

Two opposite natures cannot exist at the same time in one person. Thus we cannot simultaneously have:

  • A Finite and an Infinite God
  • A Limitless and a Limited God
  • An eternal God who is born as a human

Limitations of Humans:

When man is compared with other creatures, he has severe limitations. To cite a few examples, Man cannot hear what the dog hears; Man cannot see what the owl sees.

If God becomes a man who is 100% human, it would mean that God became a man with all these human limitations, which does not befit the qualities of God as it nullifies the divine nature of God.

So the fact is, if God becomes human, He can no more be God. God being God and human simultaneously is impossible.

God can do everything:

People, who believe that God can become man, normally say that since God can do everything, He can become man and also remain God at the same time.

If God can do everything, would God be unjust? Would God lie? The answer is NO. If God wants to lie or be unjust, He can; but He will NOT. The reason is because the acts of being unjust and lying do NOT befit the divine qualities of God. So we can conclude that God will ONLY do things that befit His divine qualities. Similarly, God becoming man does not befit His divine qualities as it ascribes several limitations to God and makes God weak.

Idea of God visiting Earth:

Please think about this. We all agree that God loves the world. Imagine God visiting the earth and confining Himself to a particular location without even visiting many parts of the world. If God had become man, it is quite easy for Him to travel the world without a problem.

Did any human who was ascribed divinity travel the globe to meet his "creations"? Did they at least visit a few continents? If no, are we not missing something big here?

Vastness of the Universe:

God is the creator of the universe. We all know about the vastness of the universe. Imagine the creator of this grand and vast universe getting confined to a negligible space. Does it make sense?

Please see the pictures below which will illustrate the point above.

The picture above shows the size of our planet Earth when compared with the other planets in the solar system.


The picture above shows the size of our planet Earth when compared with the Sun. Earth is just a ‘dot’ in front of the Sun.


The picture above shows the size of the Sun when compared with the other stars in our galaxy. Our planet Earth is so small that it becomes invisible.


The picture above shows the size of the Sun when compared with the other bigger stars called as the Red Giants in our galaxy. Sun is so small that it is just 1pixel in size.


The pictures of the stars are from our Milky Way galaxy. Besides Milky Way, we have several hundreds of galaxies and thousands of stars. We can now understand the vastness of this grand universe.


When we say God became a man, we mean that God, who created this vast universe, got confined to a small place on Planet Earth. Our planet earth is not even a speck in this grand universe. So this would mean that, God was confined to a speck within a small speck of this vast universe. Does this make any sense?

Science today tells us that there are millions of planets like earth and there are high chances of living creatures elsewhere. Hypothetically, if there are creations worshipping God in other planets, imagine God visiting a particular place in earth (which is just one of the millions of planets) and staying here? Does it make sense?

God came to the world to know human beings and to teach them:

One of the common reasons given to establish that God became man is the argument that God came to earth to know about the human beings and toteach them how to live. Keeping in mind that, God becoming man does not befit the divine nature of God, we will analyze this claim.

  1. If you want to understand your creation, you do not become the creation. For example: we do not become the computer, DVD player etc to understand how they work. Similarly, God, being the creator of the universe, need not become His creation to know them.
  2. If you want to teach others about a new product you manufactured, you would provide an instruction manual and also a good demo. Example: cars, bikes, washing machines etc. Similarly, God, being the creator of humans provided instruction manuals (scriptures) and excellent demos (Messengers of God).

Moreover if we look at the lives of the people who are attributed divinity, there are so many objectionable practices. A few examples:

  • A person who is attributed divinity had thousands of wives. Can we take this as an example and follow him?
  • A person who is attributed divinity utters words disrespectful to his mother. Is this a good example?
  • A person who is attributed divinity does things that contradict his own teachings. How can such a person be an example?

Such objectionable actions are justified by saying “they are divine, so they can do such things”. If this justification is accepted, then the purpose of God becoming man to teach humans is defeated.

Now one may ask, “so how were humans told about God´s will if He didn´t tell them?”

The answer is simple, God did teach mankind how to live, but not by becoming a man. Rather He sent messengers who conveyed the message of God to man. If you want to give a demo for a washing machine, you would use a washing machine and not a vacuum cleaner. Same way, the best demo for a human being has to be another human being. Hence, all the Messengers of God were humans.

We may conclude that God need not come to the world to teach the human beings because:

  1. It does not befit God’s divine nature
  2. God can teach the human beings through His messengers.


  1. The nature of God and man are opposites. Hence, two opposite natures existing simultaneously defies common sense and logic.
  2. God becoming man ascribes limitations to God and therefore does not befit the divine nature of God.
  3. The argument of “God can do everything” is incorrect because God will ONLY do things that befit His divine nature.
  4. It is irrational to think that God who created this vast universe got confined to an incredibly miniscule negligible space in the universe.