Allah's Rights upon His creation are the rights that must be kept the most. Allah (Glory be to Him) is the sole Creator and Sustainer of the universe. He is the Almighty who created everything with absolute wisdom. Allah (Glory be to Him) is the One who initiated every being from nothing. He is the One who protects humans in their mothers' wombs, as infants, as children and as adults. He, alone, sustains all humans and provides them with food and every aspect of life.


Allah (Glory be to Him) said, what translated means, "And Allah has brought you out from the wombs of your mothers while you know nothing. And He gave you hearing, sight and hearts that you might give thanks (to Allah)." Qur’an.Surah Nahl 16:78

If Allah (Glory be to Him) refuses sustenance to anyone he will be instantly destroyed. Allah's mercy is what keeps humans and everything else alive.


Allah’s Apostle mentioned the greatest sins or he was asked about the greatest sins. He said, “To join partners in worship with Allah”. Sahih Al Bukhari Vol 8:8. Therefore Allah’s right on humans is that you should not associate anyone with Him.

Provision from Allah

Allah's control over his slaves is perfect. His bounties are countless. If this is His role in the life of humans, then His rights are what one must keep the most. Allah (Glory be to Him) does not need sustenance from His slaves. He said, "We ask not of you a provision. We provide it for you. And the good end is for the Muttaqeen (the ones who fear Allah)." Qur’an.Surah Taha 20:132

Reason for creation

Allah (Glory be to Him) only wants one thing from His slaves. "And I (Allah) created not the Jinn and mankind except they should worship Me (alone). I seek not any provision from them nor do I ask that they should feed Me. Verily, Allah (Glory be to Him) is the All-Provider, Owner of Power, the Most Strong." Qur’an.Surah Zariyath 51:56-58

Allah (Glory be to Him) only wants mankind to worship Him alone and ascribe no partners with Him inworship, and truly be His slaves. He wants them to surrender to His will, as they surrender to His control for the means of their lives. It is only fair to worship only the One who holds the existence of everything and everyone is in His Hands.

All blessings are from Allah

One should thank Allah (Glory be to Him) who, alone, provides for him by worshipping Him alone. Allah (Glory be to Him) said, what translated means: "And whatever of blessings and good things you have, it is from Allah (Glory be to Him). Then, when harm touches you, unto Him you cry aloud for help." Qur’an.Surah Nahl 16:53

Strive with sincerity

What Allah (Glory be to Him) requires His slaves to do is easy. He does not want hardship to come to those striving toworshipHim. He said, "And strive hard in Allah's cause as you ought to strive (with sincerity). He has chosen you (to convey Islam), and has not laid upon you in religion any hardship, it is the religion of your father Prophet Ibraheem (Peace be upon Him). It is He (Allah) who has named you Muslims both before and in this (the Quran), that the Messenger (Muhammad) may be a witness over you and you be witnesses over mankind. So offer prayer perfectly, give Zakath(compulsory charity), and hold fast to Allah (Glory be to Him), He is your Lord, what an excellent Lord and what an excellent helper!" Qur’an.Surah Hajj 22:78